Two cars are traveling in the same direction. The first car is going 40 mi/h, and the second car is going 55 mi/h. The first car left 3 hours before the second car. Which equation could you solve to find how many hours it will take for the second car to catch up to the first car? A:55t +3= 40t, B: 55t+165=40t, C: 40t+3= 55t, D:40t+120= 55t plz show your work

Accepted Solution

c. because the first car is going 40 mph and left 3 hour before the second. so itd be 40t+3 and the other car is going 55 mph sk thatd be 55t. yourr trying to figure out how long itll be until they catch up so you ewual them to each other. the answer it 40t+3=55t