Richard and Kayla have 48 apples. Kayla has 35% more apples than Richard.A) Write an equation that represents this situationB) If Kayla has 162 apples, how many apples does Richard have?

Accepted Solution

Answer:A. 1.65 k = 48B. 105Step-by-step explanation:If we name "k" the amount of apples that Kayla has, and "r" the amount of apples thata Richard has, we know that r + k =48 (the two of them together have 48 apples).In addition, we know that Kayla has 35% more apples than Richard. This means that k  (1-0.35) = r (the apples of Richard are 0.35 % smaller than the apples of Kayla). Then 0.65 k = rThen, taking these two considerations together, r + k= 48 and 0.65 k= r, imply 0.65 k  + k = 48 (I just replace the second equation into the first one). Which finally means that k= 29 (and r = 19 because r+ k=48). If Kayla has 162 apples, and according previous statements, she has 35% more apples than Richard, this means that 0.65 k= r, therfore if k=162,  r= 162 x 0.65  = 105  (Richar has 105 apples).