Polygon WXYZ has vertices W(-1.5, 1.5),X(6, 1.5), Y6, -4.5), and Z(-1.5, -4.5). IsWXYZ a rectangle? Justify your answer.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Given the vertices of the polygon WXYZ, you can plot the coordinates on a graph tool to view if it is a rectangle. The attached plot shows a sketch of a rectangle.However, you can further prove.You know in a rectangle, the length on one side equals that on the other side, which is the same with the width.So, in polygon WXYZ, you should show that length of side WX=ZY and the width WZ=XY  or show that width WZ=XYW(-1.5,1.5)  and X(6,1.5) finding the length of this side;d=√ (x₂-x₁)²+(y₂-y₁)²d=√(6--1.5)² + (1.5-1.5)²d=√ 7.5²d=7.5Side WX should be equal to side ZY, hence finding side ZY Z(-1.5,-4.5)  and Y(6,-4.5) d=√ (6--1.5)² + (-4.5--4.5)²d=√ 7.5²d=7.5This justifies your answer that polygon WXYZ is a rectangle.